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Use of Cookies

Within the European Union (EU), the use of cookies is determined by the Directive on privacy and electronic communications 2002/58/ES, whose clause, which relates to cookies and similar technologies, was changed with Directive 136/2009.

Under Slovenian law, the use of cookies is specified by the Law on electronic communications ZEKom-1 (Official Journal no. 109/2012), whose clause 157 forms the legal basis for the care of the privacy of Internet users. 

1. Required cookies

Cookies, which enable undisturbed operation of the website (registration, submittal, shopping basket, safety, etc.).

List of cookies used

cookies    duration    Description
__utmz    6 months    Website viewing statistics
__utmc    End of session     Website viewing statistics
__utmb    30 minutes    Website viewing statistics
__utma    2 years    Website viewing statistics

Managing Cookies

You can decide for yourself on the use of cookies. Cookies can always be removed and in doing so, you can delete your trackability on the web. You can also set your browser so that cookies are not accepted. 

For information about the options with particular browsers, we suggest, that you take a look at your settings.