General Data Protection Regulation

On 27 April 2016, the European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (EU679/2016, hereinafter: Regulation), often called the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

In the document below, we provide some general information relating to this topic.

In the document below, we provide some general information relating to this topic.

The Regulation and its provisions are aimed mostly at defining a framework for organizations on how to protect personal information of individuals when collecting, processing or storing such information.

In the following text, processing refers to collecting, processing, transferring and storing personal information. This could include all four activities, one of them or any combination of them.

When is it legal to process the personal information of individuals who do business with or come in contact with Summit avto d.o.o., Flajšmanova 3, 1000 Ljubljana? 

When at least one of the below conditions are met:

•    the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes;
•    processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract;
•    request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract.

There are also other bases for the legality of data processing but are less likely to occur in our case.

In accordance with the Regulation, Summit avto d.o.o. took on the role of a data processor. 

The principles we apply when processing data:

•    lawfulness, fairness and transparency,
•    purpose limitation,
•    data minimisation,
•    accuracy,
•    storage limitation,
•    integrity and confidentiality.

The rights of individuals provided by the Regulation and respected by Summit avto d.o.o.:

•    access to data,
•    rectification of data,
•    deletion or the right to be forgotten, 
•    restriction of processing,
•    objection regarding processing,
•    data transferability.

In the process of ensuring compliance with the Regulation, Summit avto d.o.o. adopted and applies the necessary technical and organizational measures that ensure compliance with the provisions and requirements of the Provision and the standards defined by best IT security practices. 

Summit avto d.o.o. has established a point of contact, which will handle your questions and demands regarding your personal information (and its processing) and exercising your rights. You can write to us at


What personal information is shared with Jaguar Land Rover and how Jaguar Land Rover will use it

Summit avto d.o.o. is part of a network of independent companies (which for the purposes of this notice we refer to as the Jaguar Land Rover Retail Network). Each company offers services that are able to support a Jaguar Land Rover customer. They may provide services that support the proper handling of the underlying contractual relationships of which a Jaguar Land Rover vehicle owner may be a party (in particular, in connection with a vehicle, parts or accessories purchase contract, leasing/financing contract, workshop/guarantee order), or they may offer services that support a Jaguar Land Rover customer or prospect, for example, in provision of pre-contractual measures where requested (for example, a test drive or a brochure). 

From time to time, Summit avto d.o.o. may collect personal data from you either directly, or through Jaguar Land Rover, its group companies or the Jaguar Land Rover Retail Network and preferred partners. This information that may be collected will always be made clear to you from the forms or documents available for you to see at the time of data collection.

Personal data will be shared with Jaguar Land Rover (and may be shared with its group companies and other identified third parties, including the Jaguar Land Rover Retail Network), for the purposes explained here and as set out in its privacy policies linked below.

This personal data could include details such as your name, email address, country, identity information including date and place of birth, contact data and your preferences and customer profile (e.g. marital status, fleet size, possible preferences for vehicle purchase and service), as well as details of vehicles purchased or transactions entered into with Jaguar Land Rover or its retail network, and banks details where applicable. Jaguar Land Rover may also combine, and aggregate information received from you or our retailers and business partners through your different interactions with its brands and services.

When you enquire about, agree to receive information about or purchase a Jaguar Land Rover vehicle from Summit avto d.o.o., any information you provide will be shared with Jaguar Land Rover and processed for the purpose of managing your enquiry or vehicle purchase, and in particular information will be processed for the purposes highlighted below:    

1. To manage your orders, where appropriate to provide services (including but not limited to any applicable vehicle software updates), and to support your requests for information, products or services; 
2. Where you take a service (for example a test drive), or purchase a Jaguar Land Rover vehicle, the service you receive will include follow up satisfaction surveys from Jaguar Land Rover. These help us to understand the experience you have received and can be used by Jaguar Land Rover to follow up on any comments you share and carry out assessment to improve their ongoing product and service quality. It is a legitimate interest of Jaguar Land Rover to process personal data to provide its products and services. Jaguar Land Rover also has a legitimate interest where it sends surveys to develop its relationship with existing customers and to assess service performance and standards. For further information about Jaguar Land Rover’s personal data handling processes please see the Jaguar Land Rover privacy policies in the links below. As part of the assessed legitimate interests balance, you will be given the option in surveys that are emailed to you, to opt-out at each email instance. 
3. If you purchase a Jaguar Land Rover vehicle from us taking on a finance agreement, the finance provider may pass on periodically information from your agreement to us, and also to Jaguar Land Rover. The information passed to Jaguar Land Rover can include information about term, charges and payments, agreement number, contact details, start and end agreement dates, and vehicle details. Jaguar Land Rover will handle personal data it receives and use it for the purposes described below and in its privacy policies (links below). Where permitted, and at a point nearing the end of your initial finance period, Jaguar Land Rover may use your contact data to provide you with news on similar products and services which may interest you.   
4. If you choose, you can select with us to receive direct marketing communications from Jaguar Land Rover, by selecting that option on a marketing or registration form. We will share these marketing permissions with Jaguar Land Rover;  
5. Jaguar Land Rover use information for purposes that include analytics, research and development, marketing and market research, customer and service satisfaction and product and service improvement programmes, to help it better understand your service experiences, to improve Jaguar Land Rover products and services, and to make your transactions and communications with Jaguar Land Rover and its retail network more tailored and enjoyable. For full information about the purposes for which Jaguar Land Rover process personal data, please see the privacy policy links below. 

Jaguar Land Rover may from time to time and in accordance with its privacy policies, disclose information to the identified categories of recipient company or organisation for the purposes explained in its privacy policies. Should this happen, Jaguar Land Rover will require that any third-party companies who handle your information comply with applicable privacy and data protection rules.

For more information about how Jaguar Land Rover and its group companies handle and protect your personal information, please refer to:

Privacy Policy: Jaguar:  Land Rover:

You have the right as an individual to find out what information Jaguar Land Rover hold about you and make corrections if necessary. You also have the right to ask us to not to use your information in certain circumstances, including for marketing purposes by choosing not to give your consent on any marketing or registration forms. For full information about your data protection rights, please see the Jaguar Land Rover privacy policies linked above.

If you have any specific questions that are not covered in this section, or want to know what information we currently store on you, please contact:

For questions about Retailer data handling activities, please contact:

For questions about Jaguar Land Rover’s data handling activities, please contact: 
Land Rover:

If you have a specific data protection concern or complaint, you can address it to the Jaguar Land Rover Data Protection & Privacy Team at